I love color!

My love of sewing began slowly when I got married in 1992. I sewed home dec type items out of necessity. I started quilting in 1994 after a miscarriage to keep my mind off my loss. I was hooked on quilting after that and began to make bed quilts, wallhangings, etc. Some friends & family urged me to open an etsy shop and in 2008 I did and have been so pleased with the experience!
I really love color & I love finding a fabric with an unusual color combination and designing a palette after that. Sometimes I'll see a stunning color combination somewhere in nature and pull some fabrics together to mimic that vision.
I have allowed my etsy shop to change over the years to reflect what customers were asking for. I started off with tote bags and baby blankets & the blankets did really well, so I expanded from there offering different sizes and styles as well as traditional quilts. Eventually I added crib bedding to my shop but decided to take a break from them, but will eventually add them back in. I have also added a section called scripture for those of you that love having a Bible verse on a baby blanket, throw or tote.
I am grateful to God for every day I am able to sew and I get excited every day that I get to walk into my sewing room and play with my fabric. I give God the glory for my successes!

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